Men’s cuff bracelet

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Plain, simple, thick, heavy open ended cuff made from solid 5.7 mm x 3.0mm sterling silver oval wire.
I’ve gently faceted it to give it a reptile like effect, oxidised it and then finally tumbled it for several hours to give it a masculine dark shine.
Perfect as a sturdy, masculine and adjustable bracelet.
The cuff can be adjusted larger or smaller by carefully pulling open or closing the gap slightly.(Gap measures approx 1-1.5inch)
Please note all pieces are made individually by me and markings on your bracelet may differ slightly from the piece pictured.
Please note due to the oxidisation process the colour will be anything from grey to black please email if you’d like it specifically more grey or more black.
How to decide on your Cuff Bracelet size:(photo 5)

Total Inside Circumference corresponds more or less to wrist size.

The inside circumference of the bangle from end to end plus the gap measurement added together equal the total inside circumference which corresponds to your wrist measurement.
For example, if your wrist measures 6 1/2″, a bracelet that has a 5 1/4″ inside circumference end to end and a 1 1/4″ gap has a total inside circumference of 6 1/2″ and should fit you well.





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Small 16cm, Medium 17cm, Large 18cm, X Large 19cm