Personalised Life Story Scroll Bracelet

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Once upon a time…People and places we love, dates we want to remember, treasured moments we never want to forget – this bracelet can tell your story.

Each scroll is made from a piece of sterling silver measuring 5mm x 0.8mm it is hand stamped and hand-formed which is then attached to a nappa leather bracelet with a sterling silver push and twist clasp.

If you choose the tangled option (Photo 3) the silver bends and twists to reveal and hide different parts of the message creating the perfect way to subtly wear your chosen words.

(Please note bracelets are the twisted leather version not the plain version in the pics, if you require the plain leather with carabiner closure please email for a £3 reduction in cost)

You can choose any type of message, saying, GPS co-ordinates, song lyrics, dates anything you’d like using letters, numbers and spaces.
I can also stamp hearts or stars.

The scroll comes in two lengths:

Small (12cm) 45 CAPITAL characters inc spaces MAX OR 60 SMALL/MIXED characters MAX

Medium  (17cm) 55 CAPITAL characters inc spaces MAX OR 70 SMALL/MIXED characters MAX

Item can be stamped as follows:

1. Capital or small letters or a mixture
2. Letters/Numbers can be left shiny or oxidised (blackened/vintage look)
3. Scroll can be plain twisted or tangled (Tangled example is photo 4)

Due to the nature of hand stamping letters are sometimes not in a perfect line, that’s what makes them original and handmade!

A unique and personal keepsake with your own special message.

The blackening of the letters is done using a special type of enamel it can overtime and when in contact with water, body lotions, oils and sweat fade, if this happens we offer a Free Re Blackening service although postal fees apply. We do not recommend the wearing of your leather bracelet in water at anytime as it will also weaken the leather.

BRACELET SIZING…..To measure wrist circumference, use a tape measure and hold it tightly to the wrist. You can also use a string and measure against a ruler. If you cannot measure the recipients wrist, try to measure the inside circumference of their watch or bracelet.

Add 0.50/1.0 inches to this measurement (dependant if you want a tight or loose fit) and that is your ideal size, please choose the nearest size to this, please go up rather than down or it will be too tight, please email if you’d like advice on this.

Example…if the wrist circumference is 6.2 inches, your bracelet will be 6.5 or 7 inch.







Additional information

Scroll Length & Letter type

12cm plain, 17cm plain, 12cm swirly, 17cm swirly


Capital, Small


6.5 inch, 7 inch, 7.5 inch, 8 inch, 8.5 inch, 9 inch

Colour of bracelet

Black, Brown

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